Food Culture of Japan: Kids Menu in Japan, “OKOSAMA LUNCH”


Japan is a food heaven.  As a matter of fact, the capital city, Tokyo is that has most numbers of Zagat rated restaurants in the world.  It also has variety of food, frpm the Western to the Asians to the Africans. You name it, they got it.  Unlike in NYC you don’t have to spend much money to  eat “good food,” in Japan.

You may find food which is found only in Japan. As a matter of fact. Japan has a unique food culture.  They are very good with merging foreign food to theirs.

You curious?  may I introduce one.  One of the menus which can only be found in Japan is called “Okosama Lunch,” or “Kids Lunch.”

In major department stores in Japan, they usually have many restaurants on the top of the floor of the building. They usually have main diner, where they serve variety of food.

You can usually find displays of famous fake food samples at the entrance.



Menu at the entrance of the diner at a department store



Menu at the entrance of the diner at a department store




Mitsukoshi family Restaurant, “Landmark


They usually have menu called “OKOSAMA LUNCH.”

Okosama lunch is a kids’ menu said to be invented in 1930 by a chief manager of Mitsukoshi food department, Taro Ando.

Mitsukoshi is one of the most prestige department store found in 1673.

Ando came to an idea to have variety of  food kids like in one plate and decorate it nicely.  The plate usually has molded rice with a flag of a country (could be any country) thrust on top.


Okosama lunch with Japan and US flags on top of rice

Since it was during the Depression, Ando thought it would be nice to have something for kids to enjoy looking and good in their mouths.

Okosama lunch usually have kids’ favorite, such as, hambagu or hamburger steak, red Vienna sausages, Spaghetti Neapolitan, Ebi Fry or Fried Shirim,  Pirafu or Pilaf rice and Purin or Flan.



Now you can find Okosama Lunch anywhere in Japan.  At some restaurant, they have age limit for this fun menu and serve the menu only for kids. But it really depends on your luck if you can enjoy this fun food or not.

The food is very fun to look at to and enjoyable to eat.

Next time when you visit Japan, you should try this Okosama Lunch to have a good time with food and enjoy a diversity of Japanese food.



Bullet Train Okosama Lunch




Chinese Kid’s Menu at Kobe Concerto




Okosama Lunch at a French restaurant, Hayamaan, Tokyo



Okosama Lunch at Fujiya Restaurant











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