How much is my $ worth to Asian currencies?


Asian foreign currencies


How much is my $ worth?  That is the question you will have when you are planning to travel.  Especially to Asia, you may not know what currencies are used in Asian, and how much are the exchange rates are.

Most of Asian countries except some exception adopts floating exchange rate system.  So the exchange rate of each currencies vary depend on the flow of foreign exchange market.

The exchange rate is very tricky. For example, in Brunei, the government has currency board arrangement policy on their currency.  Meaning Brunei government links their currency, Brunei Dollar‘s flow to Singapore Dollar. So the value of Brunei Dollars is always equal to that of Singapore Dollar.


Sample of Brunei Dollar




To convert U.S. dollars to currencies overseas, I use


The home page of the website looks like this.


I like this website better than other currency exchange site like Yahoo exchange or Google exchange, because has more function like currency historical rate tables and travel expense calculator.

Travel expense calculator page makes it easier for you to budget your travel expense. Travel expense calculator function also allows you to do the math on the fees at the exchange or credit card fees of your each spending.

You can also download apps on Android and Iphone. Ipad and Windows Phone.

So now let’s start making a plan for your next trip to Asia with  I know you will be a pro on foreign currency exchange anytime soon.

Von Voyage!


Sample of Japanese Yen


Sample of Cambodian Riel

thai b

Sample of Thai Baht








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