Taxis in Japan: “Do not open the door by yourself、let the driver do it for you!”



You may have a chance to take a taxi if you visit Japan.  Taxi’s in Japan are rather expensive, but very comfortable and safe.

Click here for taxi fare calculator in Japan.

Services provided by taxi drivers are excellent.  They always use meters.  They are very polite.  They always ask passengers the route they use to take them to the destination, and if they know the short way to the destination, they always make a suggestion polity.

But most distinctive about Japanese Taxi is that that the doors of taxis in Japan are AUTOMATIC.

Meaning, you do not open and close the door by yourself when you get in and get off the car.

Let’s see the YouTube video! (Courtesy of CZero Productions and Video Ariane)

Yes, it is not magic.  It opens and closes automatically.

Here is how the inside one of the taxi in Japan. (courtesy of Ruth Jarmam Shiraisi)

Did you like it?

If so, when you come to Japan next time, enjoy your ride with Taxis in Japan!



Inside a taxi in Japan.


Taxis in Tokyo day


Taxi stand for smaller sized taxi smaller taxis are cheaper. Shinjuku Station, Tokyo


Sign that taxi is for hire, Tokyo, Japan


Taxi by night, Tokyo Japan

Taxis are parked as drivers wait for customers on a road in Tokyo

Taxi on the line the pick up passengers Tokyo, Japan

And lastly, please enjoy one of my favorate sights, Shinjuku At Night!


Shinjuku at Night



See the link below to reserve a taxi for you when in Tokyo.




TOKYO MUSEN (Japanese language only)


EDS Expert Drivers Service for hire a taxi for city tour and for your transportation in Tokyo










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