Kebun Indah Hotel: True Paradise in Ubud, Bali

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Kebun Indah entrance

Last two years, I have been keep on coming back to Kebun Indah, a boutique hotel or guest house in Ubud, Bali.

I was looking for a boutique hotel or guest house in Ubud, Bali, and I found about Kebun Indah on TripAdvisor.  Not only Kebun Indah was getting many good review, but also the price was very reasonable.  So I decided to stay at Kebun Indah.



The 2nd FL is the room I stayed at Kebun Indah

Kebun Indah is a boutique hotel/cottage situated in Ubud, Bali.  Kebun Indah was an original guest house Ibu Wayan and Bapak Ketut who runs three other guest houses in Ubud, and one in Gili Islands, Lombok.

Here are the list of the hotels of by Ibu Wayan and Bapak Ketut

Please click the link HERE for Alam Jiwa

Please click the link HERE for Alam Shanti

Please click the link HERE for Alam Indah

Please click the link HERE for Alam Gili



Kebun Indah has 9 houses, and all the houses has its own bathroom.

I stayed in a room called CEMPAKA two years in a row.

Here are some of the pictures!


Kebun Indah, path to my room upon my arrival to the hotel



Entrance to my room at Kebun Indah CEMPAKA




High ceiling of CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah


Terrace of CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah



Entrance to my room from the terrace



Bathroom in CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah



Couch on the terrace of my room, CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah

Kebun Indah has a SPA called Alam Wangi Spa, situated at the entrance of the guest house.

I paid  about $20 (to the best of my memory!) for full 1 hour Balinese massage. It was rally “enak sekali.” Indonesian, meaning ‘feels good’)


The service is fantastic!

At the moment you arrive at Kebun Indah, you will feel the difference from an ordinarily  guest houses in Bali.


Reception area of Kebun Indah



Reception area of Kebun Indah. The staff are making offering to the Gods of Bali

I arrived to the hotel very late last time I stayed there. I guess It was about 1 A. M. in the morning.

the check-in process was very smooth.  Since they already had my credit card information, they just checked my passport and they led me to the room.

I had to walk down to the house I stayed since the hotel is situated on the hill.  But a security person carried my baggage for me.

The entire process were very smooth, and I really appreciated it especially after the flight from Yagyakarta.



Gate to the housed from the reception



Path to my house



Path to my house



On the way to my house from the entrance of Kebun Indah



Path to my house

All the staff are very friendly and attentive.  They speak good English, and some Japanese.


KI staff 6

Staff of Kebun Indah


All the houses in Keun Indah have free Wifi.

The room rate of KEMPAKA, Kebun Indah was very reasonable. I paid $60 per night ++ including free breakfast and afternoon tea.

The Breakfast at Kebun Indah is gorgeous.  It features egg, fruit salad, fresh juice of your choice and bread basket.



Breakfast at Kebun Indah



Breakfast at Kebun Indah



Breakfast at Kebun Indah



Breakfast at Kebun Indah


The room rate of Kebun Indah also includes free afternoon tea.  The cake is homemade baked at Cafe Wayan, another project of Kebun Indah.  The cake taste so good!



Free afternoon tea!

Kebun Indah provides pick up service  with a van from Ngurah RaiIinternational Airport, Bali.  It costs $25 one way (as of August, 2013).  If you are in a hurry and do not move to other area of Bali by bus or other method of transportation, they can take you to Kuta via van for the same price.

If you want a transportation to tourist attraction, such as Ubud Palace and Monkey Forest, Kebun Indah can provide free transportation to where you wanna go. This option is nonnegotiable though.

Click here for Prama Tour Bus Schedule throughout Bali


Well, what is most noticeable about Kebun indah is its view.  Words cannot explain how amazing it looks.  From CEMPAKA, the room I stayed, you will see the great view of rice terrace. Here is the pic!



View from my room at Kebun Indah



View from my room, CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah



Swimming pool overlooking from my house in Kebun Indah





One of the room of Kebun Indah


It seems that the only way you can make a reservation is via email and phone directly with Kebun Indah.

Here are the email and phone of Kebun Indah.


phone: + 62 (0)361-974629

PLEASE BOOK EARLY!, because this hotel or guest house is always booked, and I have a impression that you may have to make a reservation at least 6 months before your actual stay to get a house.



Library in Kebun Indah



a house called SANDAT in Kebun Indah


I enjoyed my stays at Kebun Inda, so make your way to Ubud, Bali and enjoy your stay at Kebun Indah.

If you are wondering which guest house you wanna stay in Ubud, I have to say Kebun Indah is my recommendation.

Ok, so have a good one guys and Bon Voyage!









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