About me


My name is Musa. I am originally from Tokyo, Japan, and have lived in NYC for over 10 years.

When I first moved to NYC, I was very surprised to find out that american do not travel far.  some of my friends here has not even been on a airplane before.

So I decided to start my travel blog and I would like to focus on traveling in Asia, since I am from Tokyo, and since like my fellow Japanese people, I have travel to many places in Asia.

It is fun to travel in Asia because each country has is own significance of  cultures, and each cultures are unique and very different. And it is REALLY FUN to travel in Asia.

I like traveling and I want to share my review,  information, tips and past experience of traveling is Asia I gained from my past experience with you, so that I can catch my readers and viewers attention, and hopefully I can make ya’ll feel like you wanna pack ya bag and hop on the airplane.



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