Flight Reviewof ANA: JFK to Narita, Tokyo, and Narita, Tokyo to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok


ANA 777-ER, which I took at JFK

Hi, everyone!  I am in Bangkok now.  I would like to review my ANA flights from JFK to Bangkok via Toky0, Narita.

ANA or All Nippon Airways is an airline of Japan, which was listed as 5 star airlines by Skytrax.  Here is the link to the page.

The airline is a launching customer of B787 Dreamliner with Boeing. I have been looking forward to flying with ANA because I have heard man good things about the airlines.

Ok Let’s start the review.


From JFK to Narita, the aircraft was B777-300ER.  The flight was scheduled to take off at 12:30 p m.  The flight was on time and the boarding procedure was very smooth.  They actually departed 1o minutes before the schedule time.

The ANA aircraft is equipped with state of art entertainment system.



They aircraft provided a way more than enough legrooms.



ANA flight attendants were always smiling, and it was absolutely a good example of Japanese hospitality.




As soon as seat belt sign was off, they started to serve snack.  The snack was Japanese assorted crackers.  I choose to drink “KABOSU” drink, which is Japanese lime drink, and made especially for ANA.  Both the snack and the drink were wonderful.



After about an hour and half, they started to serve first meal.  My choice was Chicken cutlet Milanese.  ANA’s food was delicious.  It was more filling than I thought it was.



Surprisingly, they also served ice cream, as well!


After the first meal, the lights became dim, and because I took sleeping med, I was already sleepy by the time I was done with the meal.

I guess about at the half of the flight, they served a sandwich as a snack.



The way they seasoned it was really Japanese, and that made me feel at home.

Ok the last meal were served 2 hours and half before the aircraft arrived in Narita Airport.

My choice was scrambled egg with chicken sausage.  It tasted real good.!






OK now, the second flight, from Narita, Tokyo to Bangkok!


The flight was actually on time.  They made an announcement that at the very moment of taking off, one of the passenger decided to not to get on board and cancelled his/her trip.  I never heard anything like that before, but I thought it was really interesting

The second aircraft was B-777-200, which was actually older that I thought it was going to be. But the seat were comfortable, and there was enough leg room.



The service was excellent, and the ANA flight attendants were always smiling, as well.



As you can see, unfortunately,  the entertainment system were rather old, and I had a difficulty operating it.  But I thought it was enough for 5 1/2 hours flight.

About an hour later after take off, they started to serve dinner. My choice was Japanese Hamburger stake.



Although, ANA flight attendant recommended Japanese food, but to me this is a real Japanese food. I have not had Japanese style Hamburger stake for a while, so it was so satisfying.

OK, about an hour and half before the arrival, surprisingly, they served a danish.



I was surprised that they actually gave out something before landing.

Overall, my experience with ANA was excellent.  I will take their flight again from Jakarta to Tokyo on the way back to the U.S.

So I am excited. Go ANA!

I will fly to Laos tomorrow, so I will do more reviews as of tomorrow, so check em out, and bon voyage!




Royal Brunei Airlines: New Aircraft B787 and Service to Bali

Royal Brunei Airlines new B787 service to Melbourne and their new destination, Bali

Musa's Traveling in Asia

royal_brunei_boeing_777Royal Brunei AirlinesB777-200ER

I was so happy to hear the news that Royal Brunei now flies to Melbourne with new better schedule,  and will resume Royal Brunei Airlines service back to Denpasar, Bali.

royal logo

Little about Royal Brunei Airlines.

Royal Brunei Airlines is a flag carrier of Sultanate of Brunei.  Royal Brunei Airlines hub is Brunei International Airport.

From Brunei International AirportRoyal Brunei Airlines currently flies to Asia, Australia Middle East,  and to the U. K.

20014116Brunei International Airport

Royal Brunei Airlines destinations are included Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok,  Mulu, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta, Surabaya, Hong Kong, Sydney, Jeddah and London Healthrow.

Pinnacles_at_Mulu_2 Pinnacles in Mulu National Park

1 (1)Jeddah at night

Royal Brunei Airlines owns 12 aircraft which includes  three B777-200 ER and four A320-200.

1311377Royal Brunei A32

I flew Royal Brunei Airline

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Royal Brunei Airlines: New Aircraft B787 and Service to Bali


I was so happy to hear the news that Royal Brunei now flies to Melbourne with new better schedule,  and will resume Royal Brunei Airlines service back to Denpasar, Bali.




royal logo

Little about Royal Brunei Airlines.

Royal Brunei Airlines is a flag carrier of Sultanate of Brunei.  Royal Brunei Airlines hub is Brunei International Airport.

From Brunei International AirportRoyal Brunei Airlines currently flies to Asia, Australia Middle East,  and to the U. K.


Royal Brunei Airlines destinations are included Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok,  Mulu, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta, Surabaya, Hong Kong, Sydney, Jeddah and London Healthrow.


Pinnacles in Mulu National Park

1 (1)

Jeddah at night

Royal Brunei Airlines owns 12 aircraft which includes  three B777-200 ER and four A320-200.


I flew Royal Brunei Airlines from Bangkok to Bandar Seri Begawan a while ago.

I liked their service.  Cabin crew were very attentive and always smiling.  they also spoke good English, since Brunei is English speaking-country despite their national language is Bahasa Malayu.

As a matter of the fact, cabin crew of Royal Brunei is multiracial. Since Brunei is such a small country and they can not fill their employees only with locals, they hire cabin crew countries, such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Royal Brunei Airlines cabin crew new uniform


One thing I noticed during the flight was a gorgeousness of business class toilet.

I was surprised that sink of the bathroom is made with real gold.

The seats of Royal Brunei Airlines was comfortable. Even in coach class, there was an enough legroom.


OK now it is about Royal Brunei Airlines new aircraft, B787 Dreamliner.

Royal Brunei Airlines started their service to Melbourne with newest aircraft in the business, Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Royal Brunei also revamped the schedules of their services to and from London and Melbourne, so that Royal Brunei can offer better connection in Brunei for Royal Brunei passengers who fly from London to Melbourne v.v.

some other Airlines which operates B787 Dreamliner are United Airlines, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Aeroflot, and Air Canada.

Japan Airlines started their service to JFK on B787 Dreamliner in March, 2014.


(courtesy of Royal Brunei Airlines)


Another good new of Royal Brunei Airlines is that Royal Brunei Airlines will resume their service back to Bali on July 26th, 2014.

So this will make it possible to fly Royal Brunei Airlines from their destinations to fascinating Bali.

I am going to Bali this summer, so if by the change I would like Royal Brunei Airlines to Bali and see how good the services in the air and on the ground.


Balinese Dancers of Kecak Dance


World famous sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali


Ok, I am so glad that Royal Brunei is growing again with its new B 787 Dreamliner service and adding new destination to Bali.

Hope someday Royal Brunei will fly over to the U. S.  with B787 Dreamliner, so that I can experience Royal Brunei Airlines friendly service again.


Ok guys, Bon Voyage! キタ━━━ヽ(ヽ(゜ヽ(゜∀ヽ(゜∀゜ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ゜∀゜)ノ∀゜)ノ゜)ノ)ノ━━━!!!!

Singapore Airlines: Always the Best!


Fly Singapore Airlines’ First Class to Singapore and to Asia, if you want a Ultimate Luxury!

Singapore Airlines is always said to be the best of world’s best airlines which provides the service “Even Other Airlines Talk About.” Singapore Airlines is always ranked as 5 star airline on Skytrax, among other 5 star airlines including Asiana Airlines, All Nippon Airways (ANA), Cathay Pacific, Hainan Airlines,  Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airlines.


ANA‘s Cabin Crew



Qatar Airways Flight Attendants

What I think very distinctive about Singapore Airlines service is if you fly Singapore Airlines Business or First Class, the cabin crew remembers your name. Believe it or not, I flew Singapore Airlines First Class, one time before.  And the service was excellent! The service was very personal and cabin crew were very attentive.

Also, when  I flew Singapore Airlines Business Class from LAX to Narita, Tokyo on Singapore Airlines, even after I moved from Upper deck of 747 to main deck, the cabin crew on the first floor knew my name without asking me.  That was a big good surprise, and it made my entire experience a memorable one.


(courtesy of Singapore Airlines)


In the U. S., Singapore Airlines flies to Singapore Change Airport   from JFK (via Frankfurt),  Houston (via Moscow),  Los Angles  (via Tokyo, Narita) and  San Francisco (via Hong Kong and Seoul, inchon), and further connect you from Changi to other Asian cities, such as, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Brunei, Penang, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta and Bali.

Singapore Airlines Frequent Flyer Program is called KrisFlyer.krisflyer-logo You can earn miles for free airlines ticket awards by flying Singapore Airlines or with other Star Alliance members carrier. Click Logos below for some of Star Alliance members websites








Singapore Airlines is known as the first airline to operate the world’s biggest commercial fleet, A380.

A380 of Singapore Airlines equipped with Singapore Airlines Suites.

IMG_80682IMG_8066 original_Singapore_Suites_A380_Review-Suite_1F As you can see, Singapore Airlines Suites are sort of private room in the air.  Flight Attendant will not bother you unless you need them.  Just push the button and the will visit you through a small window equipped on the slide door of Singapore Airlines Suites. When you fly Singapore Airlines First Class, you can pre order your in-flight meal menu in “Cook the Book” from which you can chose over 30 main dishes of Western, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean and Indian.




Japanese Kyo Kaiseki by Yoshimura Murata, owner chef of famous Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, Ryotei, KIkunoi




Singapore Airlines First Class passenger have privilege to enjoy famous Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004

7_1  sin-icn-sq602_1h

Singapore Sling, a World Famous Singapore born cocktail derive from World Famous Long Bar in Raffles Hotel


On Singapore Airlines flights, ll the china in First Class and Business Class, and all the toiletries are by French Haute Couture, Givenchy which celebrities from all over the world love.



At Changi Ariport, Singapore, when you fly First Class on Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines provides “First Class Check In Lounge,” solely for First Class Passengers.


Upon arrival at Changi Airport, you well be met by a porter who will you guide to the First Class Lounge, where you can check in for your flight, then you will be escorted to Immigration counter specially for Singapore Airlines Fist Class Passengers to beat the long line of immigration.

After the immigration, you are directed to the First Class Lounge of Singapore Airlines called SilverKris Lounge. where you can relax chill out before your flight.  Singapore Airlines First Class lounge provides free Wifi and shower facility.


SilverKris Lounge Shower Room


So is it  only Singapore Airlines First Class passenger who feel fabulous and special? Even in the coach class of Singapore Airlines, you will feel special, too.

Even in the coach class, Singapore Airlines serves three main courses on their long haul flights.



Singapore Airlines economy class seats are designed for the pas sender to feel comfortable even on a long haul flights.  Space between seats are wide enough.  The seats are also equipped with foot rests.


The seats of Singapore Airlines coach class are equipped with peronal TV, where you can choose over 1000 programs such as, games, music, movies through their in-flight entertainment system, KrisWorld.

(Courtesy of Singapore Airlines)


I really need to stop now, cause if I start complimenting about Singapore Airlines, I will not stop forever. So may I stop here.  But I do recommend flying Singapore Airlines for your next trip to Singapore and Asia. I guarantee you will feel like a Queen or a King, no matter what class you fly on Singapore Airlines. Ok everyone, Bon Voyage!

United vs. Delta: Which is better when you fly from NYC to Tokyo?

There are two airlines of the United States which have flights directly from NYC to Tokyo.

There are two other airlines that fly directly from JFK to Tokyo, which are Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways (ANA.)  But here this time, I would like to have a comparison of our own, two of the three major airlines.

HUB AIRPORT United Airline’s hub airports are JFK and Newark International Airport. But for the flight to Narita Airport, Tokyo, they fly from Newark. So if you live in Manhattan and Jersey, taking United should be more convenient, location wise.

As for Delta, their hub airport for long haul flights is JFK.  The airport’s accessibility is pretty good if you like in 5 boroughs.


JFK Terminal 4

For your information, just in case, you need to transfer between  JFK and Newark, there is a shuttle bus service available for your convenient.

AIRCRAFT United Airlines flys with Boeing 777-200.  Average age of United‘s 777 is 11-13 years old.

Classes of services are United Business First, which is the airline’s Business class.  Coach class cabin is divided into two classes by United Economy Plus and Economy Class. Economy Plus seats have ore leg space then Economy Class. But the in-flight meal is the same.  Here is a seat configuration of the aircract.


CLICK HERE for UA 79 seat configuration.


As for Delta, the aircraft they use for Tokyo bound is Boeing 747-400. Average of their 747 are about 20 years.

They can still fly 747 because, the airline use its privilege to have another hub in Narita Airport, where they pool many aircraft to make  connections to other Asian destinations, such as, Seoul, Beijing, Manila, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

United Airlines does the same at Narita to connect their flights from Main Land U. S., Guam,  Honolulu, Hawaii to other destinations in Asia.

As for maintenance of aged 747, Delta is depending on Narita Airport. Narita is famous for having a state of art maintenance system for aircraft, to fix any isses that caused their rather 747’s. Delta operate Tokyo flight with three classes, Business Elite, Economy Cmnfort, and Economy Class.


CLICK HERE for DL 172 seat configuration.


Delta pre- flight instruction video

(Courtesy of Delta)


SERVICE On both Delta and United Airlines service to Tokyo, Narita, they will serve Lunch, Snack and about 2 hours prior to arrival, they serve light breakfast.

All non beverages are free in all classes.  Alcohols are free in Business Class and in Coach class Alcoholic drinks are available for purchase.



Delta In-flight meal from Guam to Narita

MILEAGE PROGRAM United Airlines‘ Mileage Program is called United Mileage Plus.  You can be awarded for free travel as low as 10,000 miles. I am a member of this program, and I like it, because it is easy to earn miles not only by flying, but also from staying at associated hotel all over the world, by using credit cards and car rentals, etc.

The mileage will not be expires as long as there is at least one transaction on your account. So it is easy to keep it.  I also think United let passengers to earn miles with less restriction, and their minimum mileage for free travel is very low.

You can also earn mileage from Airlines that participate Star Alliance.  Star Alliance is the largest airline alliance of  the world, and some of the members are Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, ANA All Nippon Airways, Lufthansa and Air Canada. So that makes it easier for you to earn miles.



As for Delta Airlines, their mileage program is called Delta Skymiles.  You can earn miles by staying at associated hotels and by spending money on Credit Card partners, such as, Delta American Express Card.

With Delta, there s no blackout dates. many seats are available for fewer miles.  But you have to spend little more miles to get free ticket to Tokyo.

As Delta is participated in and also a core member of world airline alliance, Skyteam.  Skyteam is consists of 20 airlines from all over the world, such as Air France, KLM, Kenya Airways, Korean Airlines, and newly added Garuda Indonesia. You can earn miles by flying those airlines for Delta‘s free airline ticket.



PRICE I have an impression that United is always providing cheaper fares to Tokyo from the U. S. overall, but it may vary.  As I check the price, sometimes Delta has better deal on connecting flights via LAX.

The average of round trip is around $1,200 on low to shoulder season, and for peak season, it will go up around up to $1,500.

I usually compare price by checking webpages, such as, Google flights, TripAdvisor, and Kayak. For the flight from the U. S., especially for Trans Pacific flights,

I have a feeling that Google flights have better deal and more choice. It is simply fun to play with airfare search engines period.   Well, I hope the information I provided today will be a use for your next trip to Tokyo, and further to other Asia regions.

Have a good one everybody and Von voyage!