Flight Reviewof ANA: JFK to Narita, Tokyo, and Narita, Tokyo to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok


ANA 777-ER, which I took at JFK

Hi, everyone!  I am in Bangkok now.  I would like to review my ANA flights from JFK to Bangkok via Toky0, Narita.

ANA or All Nippon Airways is an airline of Japan, which was listed as 5 star airlines by Skytrax.  Here is the link to the page.

The airline is a launching customer of B787 Dreamliner with Boeing. I have been looking forward to flying with ANA because I have heard man good things about the airlines.

Ok Let’s start the review.


From JFK to Narita, the aircraft was B777-300ER.  The flight was scheduled to take off at 12:30 p m.  The flight was on time and the boarding procedure was very smooth.  They actually departed 1o minutes before the schedule time.

The ANA aircraft is equipped with state of art entertainment system.



They aircraft provided a way more than enough legrooms.



ANA flight attendants were always smiling, and it was absolutely a good example of Japanese hospitality.




As soon as seat belt sign was off, they started to serve snack.  The snack was Japanese assorted crackers.  I choose to drink “KABOSU” drink, which is Japanese lime drink, and made especially for ANA.  Both the snack and the drink were wonderful.



After about an hour and half, they started to serve first meal.  My choice was Chicken cutlet Milanese.  ANA’s food was delicious.  It was more filling than I thought it was.



Surprisingly, they also served ice cream, as well!


After the first meal, the lights became dim, and because I took sleeping med, I was already sleepy by the time I was done with the meal.

I guess about at the half of the flight, they served a sandwich as a snack.



The way they seasoned it was really Japanese, and that made me feel at home.

Ok the last meal were served 2 hours and half before the aircraft arrived in Narita Airport.

My choice was scrambled egg with chicken sausage.  It tasted real good.!






OK now, the second flight, from Narita, Tokyo to Bangkok!


The flight was actually on time.  They made an announcement that at the very moment of taking off, one of the passenger decided to not to get on board and cancelled his/her trip.  I never heard anything like that before, but I thought it was really interesting

The second aircraft was B-777-200, which was actually older that I thought it was going to be. But the seat were comfortable, and there was enough leg room.



The service was excellent, and the ANA flight attendants were always smiling, as well.



As you can see, unfortunately,  the entertainment system were rather old, and I had a difficulty operating it.  But I thought it was enough for 5 1/2 hours flight.

About an hour later after take off, they started to serve dinner. My choice was Japanese Hamburger stake.



Although, ANA flight attendant recommended Japanese food, but to me this is a real Japanese food. I have not had Japanese style Hamburger stake for a while, so it was so satisfying.

OK, about an hour and half before the arrival, surprisingly, they served a danish.



I was surprised that they actually gave out something before landing.

Overall, my experience with ANA was excellent.  I will take their flight again from Jakarta to Tokyo on the way back to the U.S.

So I am excited. Go ANA!

I will fly to Laos tomorrow, so I will do more reviews as of tomorrow, so check em out, and bon voyage!




How To Be a IKI or Good Customer at Sushi Bar in Japan


Sushi Chefs in Japan


When you go to Sushi bars in Japan, you may feel little different, rather confused, because there seems to be many rules and manners you should keep at Sushi bars in Japan.

Overall, in Japanese culture, people live within may unspoken agreements and rules.  So naturally, there are some unspoken agreement between customers and sushi chef s when you visit sushi bar in Japan.


For example, at sushi bar in Metropolitan Tokyo area, where Edomae  (meaning Tokyo style) Sushi or what we call “sushi” in America (Maki and Nigiri) originated from,  it is important for the people to keep their “cool,” or so called IKI.  Tokyo natives need to be IKI all the times, and that rule applies to the chefs and customers in sushi bars, as well.



Kyo-Zushi from Kyoto


“Kaisen” or sea food Chirashi Sushi of Kishi Sushi, Kyoto

In IKI spirit, people have to be generous and trustworthy.  Therefore, if you go to an established sushi bar, they do not have menu.  The chef provides the best he has for the day and the customer enjoy the best of all, and if customer is satisfied, they will pay.

Sometimes the bill is higher than you thought. But you need to pay up without asking, The logic of this is that you went to eat at the restaurant because you trust the quality and service of the restaurant.  And the chef is not supposed to rip you off.


Do not worry, many sushi restaurants in Japan welcomes foreign customers, and if you have some tips, you can be a IKI customer in sushi bar in Japan.



obama and abe

President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at legend sushi restaurant  Sukiyabashi-Jiro (April 2014)


Here are some tips you may wanna know TO BE A IKI CUSTOMER:


1. Portions?

If you go to sushi bar during the lunch time, it may be easier for you to order lunch menu. For dinner, I would recommend you to order 10 PAIRS OF SUSHI.  (Remember, in Japan, sushi always comes with a pair, not a piece!)  You can also ask sushi chef to give you a small portion of rice balls.

Say “Shari Chisame De!”  It means I’d like my sushi rice portion smaller.

10 pairs should look something like this.



2. What toppings of sushi should I start with and end with?

In IKI culture of Tokyo, it is recommended to order sushi by “Omakase.”  Omakae means menu of the day or a course assorted by chef.  People say, if you are IKI customer always  starts with EGG CAKE.  I sort of agree with them  because, taste of egg determines the skill of the chef.  I you feel funny with the taste, you can always leave the restaurant, and if you are IKI customer, you should do so to let the chef know that he/she is doing something wrong.

egg cake

Sushi with Egg Cake

Then, you wanna go on with WHITE MEAT, RED MEAT, RICH, and lastly, MAKI, to be a IKI customer.

For example, you can stat with Egg. Then go to Flatfish, Fatty Tuna, Eel, then lastly, dried gourd strips.



3. Ask the price of toppings

Even as an IKI customer, you can still ask chef approximate prices of the toppings, especially if the toppings are seasonable and you do not have any idea how much they are.

It is ok to ask!   Especially if you are not familiar with the toppings, you can always ask the chef for an idea. Communication with chef is a key to be a IKI customer.



Communicatioin between chef and customers is a key at sushi bar in Japan. At one of the most well know sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Ginza Kyubey .

4.  Eat quickly!

IKI customers eat sushi as soon as it is served.  Freshness is important for sushi.  Also IKI customers do not stay at the restaurant for a long time.  IKI sushi customers usually spend 20-3o minutes at sushi restaurant and go.  Staying at sushi bar too long for nothing is totally against the law of IKI culture.


5. Eat with hand or with chop sticks?

Both of them are ok.


Dipping sushi with fingers



6. Dip the topping side of sushi in soy sauce!

It may sound silly but there is a recommended ways for IKI customer to pursue when eating sushi.

Dip only the toppings in soy sauce, and put the topping side of sushi on your tongue.

Also, SO NOT EVER PUT TOO MUCH SOY SAUCE ON SUSHI!  This is a no-no for sushi master, and it really damages the sensitive taste of the sushi.

if you keep this rule, not only you are a IKI customerm but also you can enjoy the best out of your sushi order.


How to dip sushi in soy sauce. Look at the amount of the sauce. Only little bit is always appropriate in eating Japanese food.


7. Refrain from smoking!

IKI sushi customer does not smoke in the restaurant because it bothers other IKI customers and it actually damages the taste of sushi.


8. Do not drink too much!

IKI customer go to sushi bar to enjoy the taste of sushi and communication with sushi chef.  Getting drunk is another no-no for IKI customer of sushi restaurant.  IKI customer will never get drunk and mess up other customers time and money at sushi restaurant.


9.  Do not wear too much perfume!

Again, combination of sensitive taste, smell of the food and the looks of the food is the three major elements of Japanese food on whole.  Wearing too much perfumes damages all those three elements.  IKI sushi customers will not dare to do so.


Got it?  Try these rules on your next trip to Japan, and I guarantee that you will be the coolest IKI sushi Customer in Japan!

Until next time, Bon Voyage!












Nasi Lemak: One of the Most Loved Local Food in Malaysia and Singaore


If you are planning to visit MALAYSIA and SINGAPORE, you should try their local food.

As a matter of fact, just like other cities in South East Asia, Malaysia and Singapore are food heaven.

Everywhere you go, in Malaysia or in Singapore, you can find kedai kopi (coffeehouse) or rumah makan (restaurant), where they sell bunch of local food, and you will never be bored.

Among the local food in Malaysia and Singapore, I would recommend that you to try NASI LEMAK.

NASI LEMAK is a Malaysian traditional dish served in one plate, or traditionally served wrapped in banana leaves.

Photo 3

Nasi Lemak being sold in banana leaves

NASI lEMAK usually consists of a scoop of rice cooked with coconut milk or, in Malay, “santan”,  and topped with topping such as, boiled egg, cooked peanuts, small fish, chicken curry, fried fish and fried chicken.  And NASHI LEMAK has to be served with Sambal or Malaysian cooked chili sauce.


I love NASI LEMAK for always for several reasons.

First, NASI LEMAK simply tastes good.  The combination of rice cooked with coconuts rice and sambal really enhances the rest of toppings in the mouth, and the combination of all the ingredients together in the mouth is exquisite.

Also, in many occasions, you can choose what you want to put on the rice, so there would be many combinations of the topping, and the process of choosing the topping is really fun.

Nasi Lemak is one of the most famous national food of Malaysia and Singapore.  Even it is traditionally food for Malay people, NASI LEMAK is loved by all the people in Malaysia and Singapore.

As a matter of fact, several years ago, talented Malaysian actor and director, Woo Meng Chee, who is a Chinese of Hainanese decent person, made a movie called NASI LEMAK 2.0.  This is a good example to how Malaysians love NASI LEMAK.



Usually, when you order NASI LEMAK in commercial restaurant, chain restaurant or restaurant which does not really specialized in NASI LEMAK,  the restaurant have already decide what to put on the rice.

But if you go to a restaurant whose specialty is NASI LEMAK, most of all the time, you may be able to chose your toppings.

The toppings are usually displayed at the entrance of the restaurant.  They usually put they rice on the plate for you , and you point out the toppings you want. They the staff will put the toppings on your rice.  And your NASI LEMAK is ready!


Nasi Lemak food vendor in Singapore


Nasi Lemak toppings displayed


Choice for Nasi Lemak


People in Malaysia and Singapore usually understand English, so you should not have any problem ordering NASI LEMAK.

But just in they do not understand English, HERE ARE SOME MALAY LESSON for you!


Minta Nasi Lemak=May I have Nasi Lemak.

Minta yang ini=May I have that one (please point the food when you say this)

Terima Kasih=Thank you


I guess if you know these sentences, you will get by to but yourself a NASI LEMAK.


NASI LEMAK is so popular in Malaysia and Singapore, that you can eat NASI LEMAK everywhere.  For example, Airasia, which, I would say, is the most successful low cost airlines in Asia,  they serve NASI LEMAK in the air, too.  And it looks like this.



May I introduce you some NASI LEMAK restaurants I recommend in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and last but not least, in NYC.





Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

I always love the taste of NASI LEMAK of Boon Lay Power.  The restaurant is located in Boon Lay Place Market & Food Center in Jurong. Singapore. The food is basic, but very nice.  The taste of curry is sweet and spicy, rather mild. and the good aroma of curry will stay in your mouth for a while.

I do recommend this restaurant.









Nasi Lemak from Warong Sinarnor

Worung Senarnor restaurant offers traditional style of NASI LEMAK.  All the NASI LEMAK served here are good.  But the most significant about this restaurant is their Sambel or Malaysian Chili Paste.  I do know the recipe, but their Samble is good in your moth.  It is pretty spicy, but it does not burn your mouth at all.  I feel like I can eat many bowls of white rice only with their Sambel.

Their NASI LEMAK also can be served with Pegedil, which is Malay style potate cake.  I love their Pegedil with their NASI LEMAK.  It is such a good combo.

This restaurant is little far from Kuala Lumpur City Center, and it takes about 15 minutes or more by Taxi.  But I am telling you, it is worth a while trying Worung Sinarnor‘s NASI LEMAK.





Entrance of Sanur Restaurant


I just went there and I wrote a review  about Sanur Restaurant in Chinatown, NYC.


When I feel like I can’t wait till I visit Malaysia or Singapore next time, this is the place I go and fulfill my need for NASI LEMAK in NYC.  Please go and try their food.  I am telling you, not only NASI LEMAK, but the rest the food is wonderful there.


nasi lemak

Nasi Lemak I took out today from Sanur Restaurant


Ok guys, again, if you visit Malaysia or Singapore, try NASI LEMAK.  I know you gonna like it, and see why all the local people of Malaysia and Singapore love NASI LEMAK.

Ok guys, have a good day, and Bon Voyage!














Kebun Indah Hotel: True Paradise in Ubud, Bali

alam asia shop (1)

Kebun Indah entrance

Last two years, I have been keep on coming back to Kebun Indah, a boutique hotel or guest house in Ubud, Bali.

I was looking for a boutique hotel or guest house in Ubud, Bali, and I found about Kebun Indah on TripAdvisor.  Not only Kebun Indah was getting many good review, but also the price was very reasonable.  So I decided to stay at Kebun Indah.



The 2nd FL is the room I stayed at Kebun Indah

Kebun Indah is a boutique hotel/cottage situated in Ubud, Bali.  Kebun Indah was an original guest house Ibu Wayan and Bapak Ketut who runs three other guest houses in Ubud, and one in Gili Islands, Lombok.

Here are the list of the hotels of by Ibu Wayan and Bapak Ketut

Please click the link HERE for Alam Jiwa

Please click the link HERE for Alam Shanti

Please click the link HERE for Alam Indah

Please click the link HERE for Alam Gili



Kebun Indah has 9 houses, and all the houses has its own bathroom.

I stayed in a room called CEMPAKA two years in a row.

Here are some of the pictures!


Kebun Indah, path to my room upon my arrival to the hotel



Entrance to my room at Kebun Indah CEMPAKA




High ceiling of CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah


Terrace of CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah



Entrance to my room from the terrace



Bathroom in CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah



Couch on the terrace of my room, CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah

Kebun Indah has a SPA called Alam Wangi Spa, situated at the entrance of the guest house.

I paid  about $20 (to the best of my memory!) for full 1 hour Balinese massage. It was rally “enak sekali.” Indonesian, meaning ‘feels good’)


The service is fantastic!

At the moment you arrive at Kebun Indah, you will feel the difference from an ordinarily  guest houses in Bali.


Reception area of Kebun Indah



Reception area of Kebun Indah. The staff are making offering to the Gods of Bali

I arrived to the hotel very late last time I stayed there. I guess It was about 1 A. M. in the morning.

the check-in process was very smooth.  Since they already had my credit card information, they just checked my passport and they led me to the room.

I had to walk down to the house I stayed since the hotel is situated on the hill.  But a security person carried my baggage for me.

The entire process were very smooth, and I really appreciated it especially after the flight from Yagyakarta.



Gate to the housed from the reception



Path to my house



Path to my house



On the way to my house from the entrance of Kebun Indah



Path to my house

All the staff are very friendly and attentive.  They speak good English, and some Japanese.


KI staff 6

Staff of Kebun Indah


All the houses in Keun Indah have free Wifi.

The room rate of KEMPAKA, Kebun Indah was very reasonable. I paid $60 per night ++ including free breakfast and afternoon tea.

The Breakfast at Kebun Indah is gorgeous.  It features egg, fruit salad, fresh juice of your choice and bread basket.



Breakfast at Kebun Indah



Breakfast at Kebun Indah



Breakfast at Kebun Indah



Breakfast at Kebun Indah


The room rate of Kebun Indah also includes free afternoon tea.  The cake is homemade baked at Cafe Wayan, another project of Kebun Indah.  The cake taste so good!



Free afternoon tea!

Kebun Indah provides pick up service  with a van from Ngurah RaiIinternational Airport, Bali.  It costs $25 one way (as of August, 2013).  If you are in a hurry and do not move to other area of Bali by bus or other method of transportation, they can take you to Kuta via van for the same price.

If you want a transportation to tourist attraction, such as Ubud Palace and Monkey Forest, Kebun Indah can provide free transportation to where you wanna go. This option is nonnegotiable though.

Click here for Prama Tour Bus Schedule throughout Bali


Well, what is most noticeable about Kebun indah is its view.  Words cannot explain how amazing it looks.  From CEMPAKA, the room I stayed, you will see the great view of rice terrace. Here is the pic!



View from my room at Kebun Indah



View from my room, CEMPAKA, Kebun Indah



Swimming pool overlooking from my house in Kebun Indah





One of the room of Kebun Indah


It seems that the only way you can make a reservation is via email and phone directly with Kebun Indah.

Here are the email and phone of Kebun Indah.


phone: + 62 (0)361-974629

PLEASE BOOK EARLY!, because this hotel or guest house is always booked, and I have a impression that you may have to make a reservation at least 6 months before your actual stay to get a house.



Library in Kebun Indah



a house called SANDAT in Kebun Indah


I enjoyed my stays at Kebun Inda, so make your way to Ubud, Bali and enjoy your stay at Kebun Indah.

If you are wondering which guest house you wanna stay in Ubud, I have to say Kebun Indah is my recommendation.

Ok, so have a good one guys and Bon Voyage!








Royal Brunei Airlines: New Aircraft B787 and Service to Bali

Royal Brunei Airlines new B787 service to Melbourne and their new destination, Bali

Musa's Traveling in Asia

royal_brunei_boeing_777Royal Brunei AirlinesB777-200ER

I was so happy to hear the news that Royal Brunei now flies to Melbourne with new better schedule,  and will resume Royal Brunei Airlines service back to Denpasar, Bali.

royal logo

Little about Royal Brunei Airlines.

Royal Brunei Airlines is a flag carrier of Sultanate of Brunei.  Royal Brunei Airlines hub is Brunei International Airport.

From Brunei International AirportRoyal Brunei Airlines currently flies to Asia, Australia Middle East,  and to the U. K.

20014116Brunei International Airport

Royal Brunei Airlines destinations are included Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok,  Mulu, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta, Surabaya, Hong Kong, Sydney, Jeddah and London Healthrow.

Pinnacles_at_Mulu_2 Pinnacles in Mulu National Park

1 (1)Jeddah at night

Royal Brunei Airlines owns 12 aircraft which includes  three B777-200 ER and four A320-200.

1311377Royal Brunei A32

I flew Royal Brunei Airline

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Royal Brunei Airlines: New Aircraft B787 and Service to Bali


I was so happy to hear the news that Royal Brunei now flies to Melbourne with new better schedule,  and will resume Royal Brunei Airlines service back to Denpasar, Bali.




royal logo

Little about Royal Brunei Airlines.

Royal Brunei Airlines is a flag carrier of Sultanate of Brunei.  Royal Brunei Airlines hub is Brunei International Airport.

From Brunei International AirportRoyal Brunei Airlines currently flies to Asia, Australia Middle East,  and to the U. K.


Royal Brunei Airlines destinations are included Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok,  Mulu, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta, Surabaya, Hong Kong, Sydney, Jeddah and London Healthrow.


Pinnacles in Mulu National Park

1 (1)

Jeddah at night

Royal Brunei Airlines owns 12 aircraft which includes  three B777-200 ER and four A320-200.


I flew Royal Brunei Airlines from Bangkok to Bandar Seri Begawan a while ago.

I liked their service.  Cabin crew were very attentive and always smiling.  they also spoke good English, since Brunei is English speaking-country despite their national language is Bahasa Malayu.

As a matter of the fact, cabin crew of Royal Brunei is multiracial. Since Brunei is such a small country and they can not fill their employees only with locals, they hire cabin crew countries, such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Royal Brunei Airlines cabin crew new uniform


One thing I noticed during the flight was a gorgeousness of business class toilet.

I was surprised that sink of the bathroom is made with real gold.

The seats of Royal Brunei Airlines was comfortable. Even in coach class, there was an enough legroom.


OK now it is about Royal Brunei Airlines new aircraft, B787 Dreamliner.

Royal Brunei Airlines started their service to Melbourne with newest aircraft in the business, Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Royal Brunei also revamped the schedules of their services to and from London and Melbourne, so that Royal Brunei can offer better connection in Brunei for Royal Brunei passengers who fly from London to Melbourne v.v.

some other Airlines which operates B787 Dreamliner are United Airlines, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Aeroflot, and Air Canada.

Japan Airlines started their service to JFK on B787 Dreamliner in March, 2014.


(courtesy of Royal Brunei Airlines)


Another good new of Royal Brunei Airlines is that Royal Brunei Airlines will resume their service back to Bali on July 26th, 2014.

So this will make it possible to fly Royal Brunei Airlines from their destinations to fascinating Bali.

I am going to Bali this summer, so if by the change I would like Royal Brunei Airlines to Bali and see how good the services in the air and on the ground.


Balinese Dancers of Kecak Dance


World famous sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali


Ok, I am so glad that Royal Brunei is growing again with its new B 787 Dreamliner service and adding new destination to Bali.

Hope someday Royal Brunei will fly over to the U. S.  with B787 Dreamliner, so that I can experience Royal Brunei Airlines friendly service again.


Ok guys, Bon Voyage! キタ━━━ヽ(ヽ(゜ヽ(゜∀ヽ(゜∀゜ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ゜∀゜)ノ∀゜)ノ゜)ノ)ノ━━━!!!!

Cash, Traveler’s Check or Card? Secure Your Money When Traveling in Asia




RHB Bank and UOB Bank Currency Exchange At Changi Singapore Airport


Not only to travel in Asia, but also to any international destinations, you may wonder how you can secure your money while traveling in Asia?

“Cash, Traveler’s Check or Card?” is always the question when you think about securing your money while you are traveling in Asia.

In general, in most of the countries, it is pretty safe to travel.  But if you are not that lucky, you may be a victim of crime in overseas.

So the question is always, “cash traveler’s check or card?”  Which method is the best way to secure your money?


Money exchange in Fascinating Kuta Bali, Indonesia.



Which one is the best one to secure your money during your trip to Asia?


I,who is writing this article do not really know which is the best way to secure your money.  Cash, Traveler’s Check or Card?

So I decided to have comparison among cash, traveler’s check or card, and I picked up the pros and cons of Cash, Traveler’s Check and Card.

So Let’s have a comparison among Cash, Traveler’s Check and Card.




Example of Japanese Yen

I believe, cash is the worst method among cash traveler’s check and card, to secure your travel money.

Among cash, traveler’s check and card, cash is the only thing that does not chose who they belong to.

If your source of money is only cash when traveling in Asia, you may be in a big trouble.

Just because that reason alone, I would not recommend you to bring all the cash when traveling to Asia.



Still you wanna carry your cash? There is  a way to bring your cash or even traveler’s check and card on you.

May backpackers bring passport neck pouch to secure their cash, traveler’s check or card, even their passport.

Usually, you can keep several of cards and passport together.  For some Japanese backpackers, this is a necessity.

I do not really like to carry travel neck puoch because it is not fashionable, and sometimes it is obvious that  you are carrying something important.  So it may attract a crime.  But many people told me it is useful.

So what if you lost your money and you do not have no cash, traveler’s check or card on you at all?

If you are U. S. citizen, go to nearest Embassy of the United States or Consulate of the United State.



They will not lend you money, but instead, they may arrange your return flight to the U. S. and keep you safe within their premise.

They will also issue a one time only passport for you to back to the U.S.

Will you get mad that you cannot continue traveling? Remember,  without money, traveler’s check or card, it is impossible to continue your journey.  Your SAFETY is most important when in Asia, or in overseas.

Here is a GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS by U.S. Department of State.







I have an impression that the many banks and currency exchange places in Asia and the rest of the world stopped accepting Traveler’s checks.

Among cash, traveler’s check and card, traveler’s check is pretty safe way to secure your money while traveling in Asia and the rest of the world.

In U. S., you can go to your local back you have your account with, or at nearest American Express office to purchase traveler’s check.

I believe, in U. K. and throughout Europe, Thomas Cook Travelers Check is very popular.

Good thing about traveler’s check is that even if you loose it,  the issuing company, they can reissue your traveler’s check.

For example if your travelers check is American Express traveler’s check, you can visit or call your nearest American Express  Traveler’s Check office to report the loss and reissue your traveler’s checks so that you can keep on traveling.

Even you need to pay about 2 % of the fee to purchase traveler’s chekcs, among cash, travelers check and card, this is the distinct part about traveler’s checks.


American Express Currency Exchange Counter at Birmingham Airport, U. K. 


The can about traveler’s check is that, in order for you to check your traveler’s check, you need to bring your passport with you.  Basically, they take any IDs good on international levels, but most of all the time, unfortunately passport is the only good ID when you are in Asia, and in overseas.




Finally, it is time for CREDIT CARDS.  Among cash, traveler’s check and card, CREDIT CARD seems to be the most popular ways to being your travel money on you while you are traveling in Asia or the rest of the world.

Surprisingly, you can find ATM anywhere you go in Asia, and mos of all the time, you can withdraw your money on ATM suscessfully.


ATM machine in Yangon Myanmar


ATM Machine in Tokyo, Narita Airport


ATM machines in Jakarta

You can also bring your prepaid card or Bank  Debit Card with Master or Visa logo on it, and you can use it at ATM machine in your destination.

I know that American Express has debit card, as well and I can be used in Asia and overseas, as well.

You can also make a travel debit cards.

Travelex is famous for currency exchange, but they also have travel money  or card called Cash Passport.

This card is not available in the U. S.. but in countries,such as, U. K., Japan, Australia and Canada, you can make Cash Passport, load your money on your card, and use it as credit card and debt card.


Bank of America Travel Rewards Card with chip  and pin (see above the card number starting with 4000)

I noticed that in South East Asian Countries, such as, Singapore and Malaysia, if you want to withdraw your money on ATM machine, your card need to have a chip and pin on it.


So what if your card does not have “chip and pin?”

Don’t worry, you can always do CASH ADVANCE at any bank that deal with Visa, Master or American Express.

Overall, I would say CARD is the best way to secure your travel money among cash, traveler’s check and card.

So, cash traveler’s check or card, which ever your travel money method is, enjoy your trip and Bon Voyage!